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Web 2.0 wave raised expectations of Web users from interactions with Web applications. Intuitive user interface, desktop-like user experience without annoying page reloads; advanced data visualization and manipulation are among critical requirements for modern business online applications. Web services that fail to satisfy these user demands risk to lose customers and revenues. The risk is especially high for financial application where large amount of business data should be communicated to a user to support user’s purchase decisions. For instance, nearly 10% of Europeans who shop for financial services products online don’t apply through the Web because they feel the process is too complicated (according to 2007 Forrester Research).
Wiztrade platform provides rich set of ready to integrate Web 2.0 UI services covering most important elements of financial portals including e-banking, e-trading and financial publishing application. Wiztrade UI components can be deployed individually or jointly without changing overall structure and architecture of existing web application. Each UI component is highly customizable to fit specific application look and feel

  • Rich and growing set of UI services
    (charting, search, ticker, quotes etc.)
  • Customizable to fit existing design
  • Real-time data push
  • Export into interactive offline
    documents (e.g. Microsoft Excel)
  • Service-oriented architecture for quick integration into existing application
  • Support personalization
  • Based on state-of-the-art Adobe™ Flex technology
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Virtech professional services will help to integrate and customize Wiztrade™ services according to specific application requirements. Virtech professional services has vast experience in building turnkey Web project for financial industry using state-of-the-art Web 2.0 technology

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